Sun Garden Consulting


I grow, I design, I build,                       I teach, I write and I consult                on All Things Plant & Garden.




I'm here to help you!  

I have been creating and managing exterior spaces for over 25 years. I can guide your projects whether they involve residential landscaping and design, drought management and xeriscaping, irrigation issues, horticulture and food plant culture, or environmental planning and Green design. Whether you need help managing personal water resources or selecting the right materials and plants for your residential project, I have the expertise to help you reach your goals.

I can provide practical solutions to your problems, but also make sure you achieve a beautifully functional landscape and exterior spaces.

At Sun Garden Consulting we offer a range of services, including:

  • One-on-one garden issue consultations
  • Full home landscape project and construction plans
  • Water and energy resource planning and guidance
  • Expert horticulture and plant selection consulting
  • Guidance in choosing the best plants
  • Landscape design photo galleries  

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My work is focused in southern California, but I have experience and expertise with projects throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.

Mission: Your garden landscape has to fit Your Lifestyle. It should be something you enjoy and a landscape you can maintain - not an unrealistic fantasy-scape.  I strive to help you avoid the frustration and expensive consequences of poor guidance and bad choices... whether landscape plants and features,  design or construction or on-going maintenance.

Let's get started!