Sun Garden Consulting


I grow, I design, I build,                       I teach, I write and I consult                on All Things Plant & Garden.



About Me

Currently, I consult in landscape and exterior design, xeriscape landscape conversion, waterwise planning, plant culture and diseases, food producing plants, and native habitat restoration. I am a professional horticulturist, garden designer/builder and environmental resource planner. I can help you with a wide variety of special projects.

My professional work began in 1987 with landscape & horticulture training at technical college. I then opened a plant nursery and landscape design-build business. In 1999 I expanded my work and study into California, where in 2005 I earned an Masters Degree in Environment and Resource Conservation with a focus on native habitat restoration, plant ecology and weed management.  I also have a degree in social science and teaching. 

I've spent my life growing everything from ornamental plants to fruit trees to succulents to native plants, and deciphering the million and one needs and quirks of living plants and ecology.  I have designed and maintained gardens and landscapes throughout the Western region; in San Diego, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Seattle, and to Vancouver, BC. Now I am lucky to indulge my home garden passions in two amazing locations, one in San Diego, California and one in Palm Springs, California.

I have a passion for learning about the world around us. Nature, environment and earth science have always been fascinating to me. In my spare time I love to hike in wild places and to travel to places where I can experience other cultures.

Sincerely  - Edward Woch