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Resource & Horticulture Consulting, Landscape Design & Installation Services

I have been designing home gardens, water-wise gardens, natural landscapes, and food crop projects for 25 years. I currently offer the following planning and design services:

  • One-on-one garden issue consultations
  • Full garden design plans and Installation
  • Water-wise garden and xeriscape consulting and design
  • Real estate sale staging and curb-appeal redesign services
  • Fruit orchard, vineyard and food garden planning and guidance
  • Native habitat restoration planning and guidance

I consult for private residential clients, home owners associations (HOA's) or for public and private agencies involved in environmental projects. See the About Me TAB for information about my education skills, and work background. My broad experience has allowed me to work throughout the western region.

To view photos of my landscape designs, hold the cursor over the Design & Consulting Services TAB (above) and click the dropdown menu Garden Designs Gallery. Enjoy!


One-on-one garden issue consultations

A one-on-one consultation at your home or residential complex is the first step for you to decide if you only need guidance for a few troubling garden-care problems, OR your needs and goals are more extensive and require a landscape design, renovation, or an installation contract. In my initial consultation, I will come to your home and spend 60 minutes answering your questions and giving you expert direction to help you succeed with your garden issues. The fee is $60.00 for 60min and $30.00 for each additional 30min afterward. These fees are deducted from fee totals if you complete a subsequent full design-installation contract for your garden.

Full garden design plans and Installation

If you are creating a new garden or renovating an existing home garden you will need a comprehensive landscape design plan and installation supervision contract. In this process I typically develop 2-3 design concepts for you to choose from. The concept you choose will be developed into a full paper design plan with specifications that a wide range of subcontractors can follow. You will choose the garden style, maintenance level, hard-scape features and key large plants for the plan. I will oversee the landscape development and installation personally. I will also direct all subcontractors to ensure the design is developed As Planned*. Fees for this service include a set fee (typically $800 to $2500) for the landscape design. Installing the landscape is typically subcontracted on an hours-plus-materials contract (you will approve the subcontactors. Normal projects can range from $5,000 to $50,000)**.

*I prefer to personally develop and supervise installation of my landscape plans. However, I do offer a 'design-only' service.

**Expenses vary greatly according to each home owner's needs and material choices. 

Water-wise garden and xeriscape consulting and design

I encourage lawn reduction/removal and offer expert horticultural services in water-wise (xeriscape) gardening. I can tell you how to modify your garden-scape, irrigation infrastructure and garden watering habits to accommodate drought-tolerant plants and help you limit the water use in your garden. I have personally grown thousands of drought-resistant plants and can recommend plants perfect for your micro-climate and to transform your property into an easy-care, dry climate garden. You can have a beautiful, lush garden with little or no lawn.

Real estate sale staging and redesign services

The front exterior of your home is a buyers 'First Impression' of your home. I can help you with landscape changes and exterior paint and style alterations that can accent the best features of your home, give you Curb-Appeal and make that Best First Impression! I will develop a redesign concept with feature and materials changes you can implement. Contracts and fees for these projects vary according to customer needs, types of alteration and time constraints.

Fruit orchard, vineyard & food garden planning

I grew up with agriculture on our family farm/orchard and learned techniques for tree and vine fruit production through the local Agriculture Research Center. I am very experienced with all of the temperate fruit tree and vine and vegetable crops, their care and pest-disease management. I can help you achieve your dream of small-scale vineyard or orchard development, whether its a dozen backyard fruit trees, or 200 wine grape vines. If you just want to make a productive vegetable garden, I can teach and guide you there too.

Habitat restoration planning

I am an experienced environmental planner with a Master degree in Environment and Resource Conservation. I specialize in California ecology/bio-geography of native plants and weeds. Let me help you restore the native habitat features on your property or help you with your private or agency habitat restoration work.