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How-To Products (are in process, COMING SOON!)

Gardening is part of horticulture, so it is both a science and an art. To have a great garden, you have to understand both plants and the garden environment, plus know how to put plants and features together practically and aesthetically. It's a complex job combining plants with habitats where they can thrive.

It's also very hard to find good guidance and it's easy to be misled by books, tv, internet or many so-called 'professionals' (many of whom have no real skill or training).  I'm here to help you avoid this poor guidance.

I've found that my clients have 2 primary types of problems:

  1) They don't know how to choose the right plants for their needs,                           and                                                                                                                               2) They don't know how to construct and maintain a functioning, living landscape.

To help you, I've created 2 kinds of guides.

My Best-Of Lists give you specific plant recommendations for your growing region for everything from ground-covers to hedges, and roses to drought-tolerant plants.

My How-To Guides teach you with specific instructions, how to do all kinds of garden tasks from soil amendment, to new planting and efficient irrigation, and also how to grow plants in containers, use rock and organic mulches, and garden with drought tolerant plants, shade plants, or succulents.

To view the different Best-Of and How-To guides, hold your cursor over the How To Products Tab (above) and you will get a Drop-Down list of the different guides. Click to open the list. 

I've included a PDF of the first page of each list or guide so you can see the number of pages of information, plus a description of the contents for each guide or list before you choose to purchase. Each is filled with very detailed specific information to help you.